Abstract Submission
General Rules


Submission of abstracts for the XIII National Congress ASEICA acceptance of the following standards:

1 .- The summaries will be submitted exclusively through the conference website: www.grupoaran.com/aseica2011, following the instructions.

2 .- The communication should be in English.

3 .- The deadline for the receipt and / or modification of abstracts is June 16th 2011.

4. It is mandatory that the Abstract presenter is registered to attend the Congress for the final acceptation of abstracts.

5. The work will be assessed anonymously by the scientific committee.

6. The Scientific Committee will decide the form of oral presentation and / or poster.
Notification of accepted paper will be sent via email from the month of July 2011.

7. In case of oral communications, the maximum time of presentation is 8 minutes and there will be two minutes of discussion.

8. If the communication is accepted as a poster, it will have a maximum of 150 cm. high by 90 cm. wide.

9. The posters will be sent on-line formats. To manufacture must follow the directions posted on the official conference website.

10. If your abstract is accepted the author undertake to present the work in Congress. Failure to submit oral or poster communications selected, besides not being in the book of abstracts, the first author may submit a paper or poster at the next congress of the ASEICA.


1 .- Follow the order of items as they appear on the website, either for clinical cases or research. Do not write the title or authors in the space reserved for the abstract.

2 .- The graphs and tables, if any, must be uploaded as files, image formats (. jpg or. GIF and should not exceed the size of 500 KB (kilobytes).

3 .- The summary will consist of brief introduction, objectives, method, results, conclusions and 5000 characters.

4 .- Title: Title in capital letters and no more than 20 words.

5 .- Authors: authors introduce all communication starting from the first author, who should be communicating with the first name and first name initials separated by a semicolon and adding their own differentiated workplace (1 ) (2) and so on., to indicate that workplace belongs, to be added at the end and behind these calls for.
Example: García.A., Lopez, M. (1), Rodriguez, C. (2). (1) Clínica Puerta de Hierro, (2) Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rocío.
In the case of including a second surname, please put both names provided that they are joined by a hyphen.
Example: García- Martínez,A.

6 .- Work Center Lead Author of the communicator or: will be selected from those offered. This information is required. To do this, first select the country, after the province and finally the Workplace. If not in the list box will use the work center to be included, including all its data (Name, Address, Phone, Fax, e-mail, etc ...)

7 .- E-mail of the submitter: The system only supports a e-mail for communicating, all communications from the same caller must use the same e-mail, for communication with the Committee or Secretariat.
Through this e-mail, the Secretariat or the Scientific Committee and the System will contact the caller and will confirm receipt by providing a username and password.
To send a second notice will be used to input the username and password provided by the system to this e-mail.

8 .- Sending more than one paper by the same caller and correction of communications and shipped.
When you send a communication, the caller will receive an e-mail a Username and Password. Communications appear as sent by the same petitioner.
You can also edit these communications on-line and sent before June 1th 2011 or until the system tells you no longer support more communications to be the closing date.

9 .- Change your registration details: Entering the username and password provided in your email can change your registration details and even the username and password.

10 - If you have any questions send an e-mail to: galcalde@grupoaran.com